About Me

Born in South Carolina, I spent my adolescent years in Harlem, New York. As a teen, I majored in photography at lower Manhattan’s High School of Art & Design. I fell in love with the entire process from start to finish the first time I saw one of my own black and white photos develop.

Envisioning - Capturing - Lighting - Processing

Each part of it fulfills a part of my creative need.

Art has always been my constant, having lived in a variety of places such as the South, the Big Apple, and now the Midwest. No matter where I am, my photography allows me the space to absorb the people and settings that surround me. As I spend my days caring for the three greatest loves of my life - Dock, Caleb and Patrick- I'm happy to say that my first love, photography, is still an important part of my journey.

Sylvania/Toledo, OH + Surrounding Area - Available for Travel